Sunday, 23 September 2018

50 dollars worth of chupa chups.

every now and then i come across a movie
that just touches my heart. this is one of em.
during a poignant scene towards the end;

"...during the abbasid dynasty, a man and his son
rode on a donkey. and once they reached the
town of qandahar, the people abused them.

they said; "...poor donkey, you make him
carry two fit men?...". so the father rode,
and the son walked.

but when they arrived at the next town,
people cried; "...look at this fellow, he drags
his young, defenseless boy through the desert
heat and he enjoys the ride of a lifetime..."

so in the next town, the son rode and father
walked. but people shouted at the boy;
" are young! you are healthy.
you make your elderly father suffer,
he is marching in the heat..."

so, together, the father and his son decided
to walk with their donkey. as they passed
through the next town, people laughed;
"...look at these two idiots, why don't they
ride their donkey?..."

and in every town, people criticized them.
in the end, the father said; "...stuff this!..."
and he and the boy carried the donkey on their back!

but we tie ourselves up in terrible knots
trying to live up to the judgement of others.
so, i will not carry the donkey on my back anymore..."

- the cleric, off "ali's wedding".

it's a fantastic, fantastic movie. i love it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

guess this is it. for real this time.

off the wonderful episode 16 of himym s9,
aptly titled "how your mother met me"

"...i was in love with somebody 
a long time ago and he died.

it's silly, but it's like the first lottery ticket
i ever bought was kaboom! jackpot!

and i'm pretty sure i'm not gonna win again,
not like that anyway, so i don't generally
buy lottery tickets anymore..."

- The Mother, played by cristin milioti

you'd be surprised how relatable and poignant that is.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


three things i learnt on my trip
back to muscat the other day;

1. english folk really do drink tea.
it's not a myth. and it's totally weird.

2. people who work in the gaming industry
can actually be normal and pleasant. 
instead of being trekkies or hipster wannabes.

3.  note to all mesians; going across the 
penang bridge can actually be a profound
lifelong experience. i'm not kidding LOL.

cheers vanessa!

Monday, 23 July 2018

and though i close my eyes.

re-watching the final season of HIMYM.
i find The Mother to be an absolutely lovely person,
and my fave part is when she sings on the balcony.

so here's a lyrical posto, from 'la vie en rose' by TM.

Friday, 6 July 2018

walau tak bisa mudah.

i absolutely lurveee afgan's vocals and ballads.
i think he is absolutely awesomeness, so here's
another lyrical posto off my new fave song; 'sudah'

Thursday, 31 May 2018


rexie cat. a miaw with character.

character. how would you define it?

i'm from that generation where if you wanted
something more, you had to work hard for it,
nothing came easy and fast, and that's acceptable.

we were never entitled to anything, we didn't
expect to be given this and that, and we certainly
had no problems taking the hard route to success.

so that's something i value highly; character.

i like people who don't take the lazy option,
people who when they are given the chance to
go down an easy but negative route, they decline.

they still find it in themselves to take a harder route,
to put in effort and make themselves better instead
of choosing to put someone else down, but more
importantly, to have a bit of understanding and
empathy and have a sense of humanity within.

someone with character is a testament to
that person's positive upbringing, the hardship
they went through and their will to be better.

and i've been fortunate enough in life to have
not only known people with character, but i
also have the privilege to call them my friends.

i hope it says that way.

Monday, 23 April 2018

boundaries is my middle name.

another lyrical posto, this time off
the lovely lovely lovely 'again' by kehlani.
she is awesome.