Friday, 12 April 2019

this is the face i wear treading the riptide.

another lyrical posto, i just discovered this song.
there's just something about this amazing
"bad intentions" by niykee heaton.

Monday, 4 March 2019

it pays off.

how do you help a lost cause?

i think it’s basic human nature to wanna help others.
but how on earth do you try to help people who don’t
seem to have much interest in helping themselves?

now, i don’t think it’s done on purpose. i mean, who wants
to have to go through difficulties in life, or to be unhappy
all of the time or even to get physically sick because of it?

however, i also think that the 1st step to recovering is within
the person itself, they must acknowledge or admit to
themselves that they have a problem. 1st step.

in my experience, the next step is the tricky part; ask for help.

as adults, or as independent people, we often view asking
for help as a weakness, that it’s a poor reflection on our
capabilities, that it’s something to be ashamed of a.k.a ego.


i believe that if our intentions are good, life will somehow
direct us to people who want to help, who wouldn’t mind
taking time to support us or at the very, very least, act as
a safe place for us to confide in, to talk things through,
to at least get it off our chest. minimum.

who knows? maybe they would be able to actively help,
or even direct us to the right organizations or authorities
that might be the best place to provide us with support.

…never underestimate how kind people can be.

sometimes we don’t realize how much other people care
about us, and how much they want us to be happier,
and to what extent they want us to succeed.

so if you’re in need of help, acknowledge it and seek help.
and if you’re the one getting approached, be a friend,
and educate yourself on how to help or find out who can.

in any case, being me, my rather naïve and idealistic brain
would always find a way to return to this simple but
fundamental belief, and it’s why i still believe in lost causes;

…lost causes are the ones that pays off the most in the end.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

cloud nine was always out of reach.

the 1st of 3 lyrical postos from songs i've discovered lately.
this one is off the sweet "butterflies" from kacey musgraves.
not bad from the newest album of the year grammy winner.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

they run like the river, but not you.

another lyrical posto, off the fantastic
"there you are" by zayn. it reminds me
how fragile i can be, and how it's about
time i opened my heart up again.

we'll see.

Monday, 17 December 2018

and you, monsieur linguini, are no idiot.

another posto, this time it portrays my reaction
when people FINALLY comes up with an idea
that is practical, achievable and easy to understand.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

not long left here now.

just saw the 1st trailer for next year's
avengers : endgame movie trailer!
it looks awesome, and heart-breaking.

can't wait to watch it, and here's a posto
based on the trailer. such a heartfelt
last message from tony to pepper.

ok. that explains a lot.

new knowledge or theories are always good.
specially ones that help you realize why
you're just a liiitle bit more weird than your family.